Rooted in advanced data analysis and actionable insights, the MediaWorks solution delivers optimized, scalable publisher media campaigns, customized to meet unique advertiser needs. We are transforming the media landscape by making advertising more intuitive, better targeted and effective.

The MediaWorks Difference

MediaWorks introduces breakthroughs in the analysis, measurability and accountability of publisher advertising channels such as preprints, email, ROP, digital and direct mail. By integrating proprietary subscriber data from the MediaWorks Publisher Consortium with consumer data from advertisers, MediaWorks optimizes multichannel media campaigns - scalable across the country - and provides measurable results.

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Publisher Network Solutions

Smart consumer and market insights. Discovery of engaged customers. Simple, effective media campaign alignment. Ongoing media analysis and tracking. MediaWorks is a media solutions provider that matches advertiser goals with creative, tailor-made solutions.

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Client Benefits

At MediaWorks, we’re dedicated to our clients. By understanding your unique needs, uncovering actionable insights from your consumer data and optimizing the effectiveness of your publisher media program to its fullest potential, MediaWorks improves your return on media investment. MediaWorks empowers your advertising strategy and delivers engaged audiences, thus bringing competitive advantage to your business.

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Total Number of Weekly Gross Impressions

  • 671

    Total Publications

  • 15825

    Total ZIP

  • 98

    Total DMAs

Source: Newspaper Data Exchange (NDX)