Publisher Network Solutions. Competitive Advantage.

Savvy analysis of publisher and consumer data. Smart consumer and market insights. Discovery of engaged customers. Effective media campaign alignment. Ongoing media analysis and tracking. MediaWorks is a solution that offers advertisers a competitive advantage.

MediaWorks offers a revolution in advertising by integrating proprietary publisher subscriber and consumer data. Our innovative solutions apply exacting analysis throughout all aspects of a campaign. We deliver scalable publisher media campaigns, customized to meet unique advertiser needs, that introduce efficiencies, sharpen effectiveness and provide measurable results tied back to actions and purchases.

MediaWorks solutions cover:

market insights

Q: How does MediaWorks evaluate your market potential?

A: MediaWorks conducts a market-level demographic profile evaluation of customers and consumers as well as a review of competitor’s customer profile identification and competitive demand evaluation.

Q: How does MediaWorks identify the demographics and spending habits of your customers and prospects?

A: MediaWorks conducts a detailed demographic composition and transaction analysis to develop a thorough customer profile and connection points to improve the effectiveness of your core program. We also perform a customer look-a-like identification and examination for evidence of prospect potential and competitive impact.

Q: Which media channels optimally engage your target customers with publisher content?

A: MediaWorks conducts an in-depth analysis of publisher products/content to identify media channels that increase exposure to your key target audiences. These insights are used to make media buy recommendations in run of press (ROP), preprints, direct mail, email and digital display.

Q: How does MediaWorks validate the performance of your current media program?

A: MediaWorks conducts a thorough analysis of the impact of channel execution in a market. These results are, in turn, analyzed and refined to provide valuable feedback that help maintain campaign efficiencies and flexibility. For preprints, email and direct mail, we perform a mid-year evaluation to examine changes in existing customer transaction and acquisition activity; a year-over-year insert impact study; and a store-level year-over-year change report. For multi-channel campaigns, we perform an analysis that measures the impact of simultaneous channel execution in a market.

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Campaign Metrics and Results. Improved ROMI.

MediaWorks makes advertising more intuitive and effective for advertisers – an evolution for our clients who are demanding publisher media campaign metrics and results. In an unprecedented way, our solutions deliver improved results and increases return of media investment (ROMI) for advertisers through:

  • trading low-value for more high-value customers
  • acquiring new, engaged customers
  • increasing overall shopper response rate and spend
  • achieving a significant return on media investment (ROMI)
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Building Partnerships. Collaborating for Success.

MediaWorks appreciates that when it comes to partnerships, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We believe that focusing on delivering successful advertising campaigns benefits the entire industry.

By partnering with MediaWorks, agencies can better serve their clients through the integration of client and agency data assets with MediaWorks’ previously inaccessible data dimension. This joint approach allows agencies to:

  • Make more informed and stronger media buy recommendations
  • Provide enhanced campaign performance metrics through advanced results analysis
  • Strengthen campaign ROMI
  • Offer an effective tool for media analysis, campaign recommendation and results measurement across the publisher product network
  • Deliver a stronger overall media solution
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A Revolution in Advertising. Strengthening the Industry.

The MediaWorks Publisher Consortium – a landmark collective of the top 30+ DMAs – is an unprecedented development in the advertising arena. For the first time, publishers can offer advertisers the proprietary data, analysis, measurability and accountability they seek.

MediaWorks helps publishers offer advertiser solutions that deliver improved results and greater return on media investment (ROMI) by:

  • trading low-value for more high-value customers
  • acquiring new, engaged customers
  • increasing overall shopper response rate and spend
  • simplifying the buy analysis and recommendation process by infusing local market expertise to national or multi-market campaigns in a cohesive solution

The partnership provides benefits to the publisher’s business by:

  • providing a data-driven media analysis and campaign approach that proves the value of publisher media
  • offering tools to aid publisher sales teams in the business development and retention process
  • Collaborating with publisher peers to reimagine publisher media buying around solution-focused capabilities
  • uniting as an industry to deliver stronger client solutions that yield improved results
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