Return on Media Investment:

Smarter Campaigns. Measurable Results. More Intelligent Spend.

MediaWorks marks a revolution for our advertisers and partners who demand publisher media campaign metrics and results. MediaWorks solutions provide actionable insights to design optimized media campaigns across preprints, run of press (ROP), email, digital and direct mail; scalable across the country; with measurable feedback that yields a positive return on media investment (ROMI).

MediaWorks creates an innovative solution for advertisers seeking smart campaign solutions. We’ve already delivered results. For one leading national retailer, MediaWorks helped deliver a 52 percent lift in shopper response rate and an 18 percent lift in spend.

Leverage Our Data-Driven Approach.

The MediaWorks Optimization Methodology is anchored by four principles: Profiling, Points of Engagement, Program and Performance. By integrating proprietary publisher subscriber and consumer data, our “4Ps” add a unique dimension of insights that go beyond anything else offered in the industry.


PROFILING: Uncover lifestyle, behavior and media engagement insights about your best customers and prospects.

POINTS OF ENGAGEMENT: Identify when and where they are engaging with publisher content relevant to your advertising message.

PROGRAM: Deliver your message through efficient connection points by aligning it with relevant content.

PERFORMANCE: Measure campaign performance and efficiencies through ROMI results directly tied to sales.

Read specific cases of how we’ve helped our clients achieve an increased return on their media investment.