MediaWorks | Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What can MediaWorks do for my media strategy?

  • Provide superior campaign ROMI by bringing the value of data analysis to your publisher campaign.
  • Deliver a scalable campaign solution across the top 30+ U.S. markets for a simplified campaign process.
  • Ensure that every publisher media dollar you spend in a market is working harder and more efficiently than it ever has before.

What are the benefits to my media strategy?

Through the use of proprietary publisher subscriber data and analytics, MediaWorks gives you:

  • The ability to trade low-value for high-value customers and prospects.
  • Visibility into your customers’ and prospects’ publisher media engagement by channel.
  • Clear, actionable insights on how to maximize your publisher campaign investment and improve ROMI.

How does MediaWorks differ from other print advertising agencies?

While other agencies work on behalf of clients, MediaWorks represents publishers to deliver integrated solutions that streamline advertising and enhance the effectiveness of publisher media campaigns.

Why should I share data with MediaWorks?

  • Our expert analytics team pioneers publisher data-driven media analysis and program development. They completely understand sensitivities around data sharing
  • Security of your data is our priority.
  • MediaWorks is not a data aggregator.
  • Our service tailors to your resource availability. Our aim is to make it as convenient and streamlined as possible.

How is data transferred?

Data is transferred using either our secure FTP or the advertiser’s designated transfer process including direct transfer from the advertiser’s third-party data vendor.

How does MediaWorks ensure data is stored safely?

  • MediaWorks creates a unique, SSL-encrypted FTP login for each advertiser to ensure secure data transfer.
  • Each advertiser’s data is stored in its own password protected password-protected SQL database.
  • Access to advertiser data is limited to the MediaWorks database administrator and database analysts working on advertiser-related projects.
  • Only name, address, spend and product subscription information is required for analysis. No personally identifiable information is transferred between member and MediaWorks.

Does MediaWorks aggregate my data?

No advertiser data is aggregated for any purpose.

How can we work with MediaWorks if we don't want to share our data?

Without exception, the best analysis results from using actual customer records. When those records are not available, the MediaWorks team relies on advertiser input, business sector research and databases containing demographic/psychographic and behavioral information for households across the country. These databases provide rich analysis opportunities for advertisers without customer data.

What type of information can MediaWorks provide me?

  • Robust customer segmentation that uncovers anomalies within trade markets. Through these insights, MediaWorks provides valuable insights into your market, customer and prospect make up, advertising campaign development and media strategy.
  • Optimization of geographies and publisher products for acquisition efforts.
  • A comparison report of your existing pre-print buy to our MediaWorks-optimized recommendation.
  • Post-campaign analysis for performance validation metrics.

Does MediaWorks work with local businesses?

  • MediaWorks capabilities have delivered solutions for a variety of client levels, national to regional, spanning a wide range of business categories in the retail sector.
  • The type of customer data that our clients provide drives the strategy for our team of experts to deliver improved campaign ROMI.

We already advertise within the top 30 DMAs. How does MediaWorks affect our overall advertising strategy and relationship with publishers?

  • Many of our clients are current publisher advertising clients or work with media providers. With our publishers as our partners, MediaWorks serves as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers to bolster clients’ media program performance.
  • MediaWorks works on behalf of top publishers to address the needs for advertisers’ media program and performance improvement.
  • MediaWorks provides publisher campaign analysis and recommendations, all of which are scalable and executable, in a streamlined format with the goal to provide a simple media buying process for our clients.

What happens once the MediaWorks-optimized campaign ends?

  • Once the campaign execution period is complete, data collected during the campaign is analyzed to provide campaign measurement and validation.
  • The findings are incorporated into the next campaign to further refine and optimize the strategy, which translates to stronger ROMI.

How do we get started?

We’re happy to walk you through the next steps in setting up a campaign. Just contact us We look forward to connecting in person.