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About MediaWorks:

Powerful Content. Smarter Campaigns. Engaged Audiences. Measureable Results.

Through savvy data analysis, optimized media recommendations and measurable campaign results, MediaWorks sharpens the effectiveness of advertising programs via proprietary publisher media and improved ROMI (return on media investment).

See how MediaWorks meets the challenges advertisers face in engaging the right audiences, measuring campaign effectiveness and maximizing media investment.

Pathbreaking Solutions. Empowering Advertisers.

MediaWorks is uniquely positioned to connect advertisers with highly qualified customers to streamline and improve the advertising process. With solutions that are scalable across publishers with media portfolios in the country’s Top 30 DMAs and beyond, representing 70 percent of the U.S. population and 72 percent of consumer expenditures, MediaWorks delivers:

  • smart consumer and market insights
  • engaged customers
  • simple, effective media campaign alignment across multiple channels
  • rigorous tracking and analysis

MediaWorks offers a revolution in consumer and media analysis that creates actionable insights, smart solutions and breakthroughs in measurable campaign results. The result for advertisers is improved return on media investment (ROMI). By making advertising more intuitive, effective and cost-efficient, MediaWorks provides advertisers with a competitive advantage. Download the MediaWorks brochure to learn more about how we create a positive ROMI.

MediaWorks seeks to build trust and lasting partnerships with advertisers, align with agencies to provide optimal advertising solutions and welcome other publishers to the Consortium.

Susan Jacobs, MediaWords

MediaWorks solves the challenge of how to put an advertiser’s messages in front of engaged audiences who will act.

Susan Jacobs
Vice President/General Manager, MediaWorks

Susan Jacobs, vice president/general manager, MediaWorks, is an industry leader in publisher media. She organized the creation of the MediaWorks landmark Publisher Consortium of leading publishers with media portfolios in the top 30+ DMAs in the U.S. to align the advertiser’s message with proprietary, previously inaccessible publisher data. Jacobs also leads the print and digital preprint strategy for Tribune Company.

Prior to launching MediaWorks, Jacobs served for two years as national sales/sales strategy for Chicago Tribune Media where she directed a sales team that created over $200 million in multi-channel media solutions for national advertisers.

As VP of retail advertising from 2008 to 2010, Jacobs led a sales team of over 75 sales managers and professionals, which drove over $275 million in annual revenue in print, digital and targeted media in the national retail, local and hyper-local space. Learn more about Susan Jacobs.